Sunday, 1 June 2014

Prototype - Shotgun Polishing

We will try to polish Shotgun to get better results.
I have found couple of sites with free sounds. There is more of course :)
You should search for sounds using those sites. What sounds do we need:
  • Shotgun fire,
  • Reload sound,
  • Impact sound,
I've spend a lot of time on sites to search those - do the same because you will find a lot of other useful sounds! Remember to read the license and credit author in your game!

I've found only one shotgun fire sound that I like. You can use pitch to make the sound different but be careful.
Pitch can be useful.
There is a lot of impact sounds out there. Here is mine impact cue. 
As for reload sound I will use this. You can use Audacity to convert files to .wave format.

Slow down Shotgun Projectile
Slow down the projectile, I've used 3000 for speed and it's feeling good.

Quick two shoots and then wait for reload.
Basically my gun have two barrels so I want to be able to shoot twice really quick and after that wait for reload.

1. Open MyCharacter blueprint,
2. Add Shotgun_ShotCount int,
3. Add Shotgun_ReloadTime float,

It will be really hard to explain this using words so here is my shooting blueprint:

What you will need:
  • Shooting Animation: just use /Game/Animations/FPP_Animations/HeroFPP_LauncherFire_Montage.HeroFPP_LauncherFire_Montage'
  • Reload animation just use: AnimMontage'/Game/Animations/FPP_Animations/HeroFPP_LauncherReload_Montage.HeroFPP_LauncherReload_Montage'
How it's working?
You can shoot twice instantly without delay, but after that you will need to wait for Shotgun_ReloadTime to shoot again. If you change ReloadTime animation will fit to it (Thanks Marcin!;) ) 

Just create copy of ParticleSystem'/Game/Effects/ParticleSystems/Weapons/RocketLauncher/Muzzle/P_Launcher_MF.P_Launcher_MF'
And play with variables. Spawn emitter somewhere near Play Montage.

I will get better FXes later. 

So here's final shotgun for prototype:
In next post we will be creating rail rifle, as I said: I promise to add weapons first so we won't be moving further without rest of them.

Due to refactoring I'm moving to new blog which can be found here:

See you there!

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