Those functionalities will work in UE4 4.8+

  1. Refactoring. Why I wanted to do full refactor of the project.

Those functionalities won't fully work in new Unreal Engine 4 version. 
  1. Preproduction start. What game I would try to create,
  2. Where to find assets. Various links with great assets for low price,
  3. Importing sci-fi pack to UE4. How to import Sci-Fi Unity package,
  4. Creating basic prototype scene. How to create scene from 3d models,
  5. Implementing hands and first weapon. How to add fpp hands,
  6. First weapon polishing. How to create muzzle flash and effects,
  7. Implementing shotgun. More about projectiles,
  8. Shotgun polishing. How to get sounds. Add effects and shoot mechanics,
  9. Implementing rail. How to do instant fire. More about beams particles,
  10. How to manage your work? Some theory,
  11. Implementing rifle. Advanced animation blueprints,
  12. Implementing ster-gun. How to move projectiles,
  13. Implementing pistol. More advanced animation blueprints,
  14. Implementing core AI. Basics about the AI,
  15. Implementing Spider Enemy. How to work with Behavior Trees,
  16. Implementing Touch and Tilt Controls,
  17. Implementing damage and hud.  Damage system and hud basics,
  18. Creating scope laser. Assets attached,
  19. How to add enemies health bars using HUD.
  20. Spider Polishing. How to add Ragdoll, break bones, change scale and speed,
  21. Implementing Flying Drone. How to implement custom flying movement, explosion, rigid body collisions,
  22. Implementing Melee Enemy. More about Animation Blueprint, Animation Montages,

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